How to confidently engage your  audience

Through impactful and persuasive public speaking (even if you think you can’t)




In this FREE ONLINE WORKSHOP you’ll learn 

  • How to NEVER let your nerves steal the show – even if you have paralyzing anxiety
  • Why people don’t pay attention or never take action after your presentations (plus my engagement formula) 
  • Why all the advice you’ve read so far – like “just be authentic” – hasn’t worked for you (and what will) 
  • Why being a “natural” speaker is a liability – and you are actually at an ADVANTAGE if you’ve failed in the past


For full disclosure, I take a moment to share how you can work with me directly.

However, the focus of this workshop is entirely on YOU. 

So bring a pen and paper, you’ll be learning LOTS.


Location: Online 

Duration: About 40-minutes

What else? Access to the workshop will be emailed to you after signing up. Please check your “Promotions” and “Junk” tabs

See you there! 

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Maryna Shkvorets