When Someone Interrupts Your Presentation (Public Speaking Q and A)

Recently, I got a question from a young programmer who had to present to his team. He asked me:

“What do I do if someone keeps interrupting my presentation to make their own point?” 

And at first, my thought was SO WHAT? A little audience interaction is a good thing. It means they’re engaged! Speakers beg for that kind of energy. But then I understood his real problem. 

His real problem was that he wasn’t mentally prepared for these interruptions and they were throwing him off. On top of that, I’m sure that his inner self-talk took over and just obliterated his confidence or made him lose his spot.

(And maybe you’ve never had THAT problem, but you’re just on a time limit.) 

So here are a few strategies you could use to create firm but polite boundaries while keeping things light. Check out my 4-minute video below: 

And if you think you’re ready to start preparing THE RIGHT WAY, the way where not even an earthquake can throw you off, and where your self-talk is calm and positive, you might want to work with a coach. 

If that’s you, let’s talk, and set up a strategy that’s just right for you.

Until next time,

Maryna Shkvorets

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