Want to pitch and sell with webinars? Start with this FREE training

With everything rapidly moving online, now is the time for your business to start reaching a virtual audience and selling by offering high-value webinars.

Here’s why:

Skills and tools that can sell. 

I want to teach you how to create engaging and persuasive webinars that deliver value while showcasing YOUR business’s value. You will learn:

– An action plan to pivot your business and reach a virtual audience
– Persuasion elements like: your authority and pain points
– A simple webinar structure that delivers value, engages the audience, and makes your service irresistible
– Concrete tools and strategies for your business even if you’re just starting out

Your business needs to adapt. Fast. 

For those of us paying attention, our hearts go out to business owners. For many, their entire business model is on hold. Some are stressed about covering their fixed expenses with no revenue, and everyone wants to pivot but doesn’t want to take a huge chance with everything changing by the hour. 

No time for trial and error. 

With everything moving online, it makes sense that small businesses follow suit. But what worked before won’t work now. A static product page may not be enough for marketing, and pitching virtually is different from in-person. The buying psychology requires us to be more engaging, persuasive, and to offer more value online. 

But quite frankly, you don’t have the time for trial and error when their livelihood is on the line. 

Enjoy this 90-minute training and let me know if this worked for you.

Close your tabs, grab a pen, and let’s get started!

(Available FREE for a limited time)

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Why I’m offering this for FREE

– I’ve received so much by taking part in business enterprise centers and entrepreneurial circles, and I want to give back by sharing my expertise and skill-set. 
– I teach public speaking to entrepreneurs on delivering persuasive and engaging pitches. My clients wouldn’t put up with generic surface-level tips, and expect tailored strategies that deliver results. That’s exactly what I want to offer you as well. 

If this is a training you would like for your organization, please contact.
(Originally presented to Small Business Enterprise Centers within Ontario)

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