Need to present virtually? Watch this to add more energy and excitement while public speaking online

Now that your workplace is through the growing pains of virtual meetings – the lag, the sound issues, and figuring out the overall etiquette, you might be preparing to give a virtual presentation. 

But presenting to your whole team online is different from virtual meetings where there’s room for error and play. It’s your presentation, and you want to put your best foot forward and get everyone engaged right from the beginning. 

It’s also different from regular in-person public speaking. When you’re presenting to a live group, you get to feed off their energy and feedback. Presenting online is just not the same. 

Your energy tends to die off through the screen, and it’s way easier to lose your audience. 

So I want to give you 5 tips to give your virtual presentations more energy and excitement, so that you can engage and captivate your team even through the screen. 

When you’re done, check out How to start a presentation for even more impact. 

And when you’re ready to start working with a public speaking coach, let’s connect. I’d love to teach you how to shine in front of an audience with confidence, presence, and really persuasive talks.

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