Persuasive Speaking for Introverts

How many opportunities have you already passed up? What was your excuse? Did you tell yourself next time, or once you build up a little more confidence?

A year from now, would you rather say “I wish someone would finally see my value” or “HERE I AM – to show you what I’ve got.”

This anticipated program is a bootcamp for your confidence. This isn’t your “Speak from the heart” and “Connect with your audience” set of generic tips and tricks that only works for seasoned speakers. This is an intensive six-week program that will take you from anxious beginner to an engaging and persuasive speaker worthy of a TED talk.

The program involves both self-directed lessons and one-on-one weekly support that meets you where YOU are and takes you where YOU WANT to be.   

During our six weeks together we will cover:

  • How to become confident in front of a crowd and allow your fears to energize you rather than paralyze you
  • How to structure an engaging presentation that will have your audience on the edge of their seats
  • How to rehearse and get into the zone to truly step forward as the best version of you

If this sounds like it’s for you, let’s GET IN TOUCH