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Hi, I’m Maryna

(a certified nerd in all things communication)

But what about YOU? You’re here to make an impact, right? To show what you’re made of. And to do that, you need to step out and shine. So let’s talk:

Let’s engage. You’re valuable and so is your message. So stop being dull.

Let’s respect your time. A good strategy is like a good message. Efficient and to the point.

Let’s get energized by fear. Fear is a bolt of energy, so never let it paralyze you again.

If that’s what you’re here for, let’s talk.

See how we can serve you with our programs on all things public speaking and engagement.

~ Maryna Shkvorets

Engaging Talks Strategist

Limited time workshop:

How to give an engaging and persuasive presentation – even if you’ve frozen in the past 

You’ll learn 

  • How to NEVER let your nerves steal the show – even if you have paralyzing anxiety
  • Why people don’t pay attention or never take action after your presentations (plus my engagement formula) 
  • Why all the advice you’ve read so far – like “just be authentic” – hasn’t worked for you (and what will) 
  • Why being a “natural” speaker is a liability – and you are actually at an ADVANTAGE if you’ve failed in the past

This is for YOU if …

you’re committed to get to that next step in your career by being more visible and speaking up, and you’re ready to do what it takes and take action. 

This is NOT for …

people who already love presenting but just need a small boost, or for dabblers who never put new lessons into practice. 

For full disclosure, I will take a moment to share how you can work with me directly, and about a brand new program coming up on Monday July 22nd at 8:30PM EST.

However, the focus of this workshop is entirely on YOU. 

So bring a pen and paper, you’ll be learning LOTS.


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Maryna Shkvorets

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“There are always three speeches. The one you practiced, the one you gave, and the one you wish you gave”

– Dale Carnegie