How to make people SHUT UP before you start presenting

I want to tell you about a young man I met who had to give a lunch-time presentation to his whole team. This presentation was important to him, because he’s just starting out in his career and he wanted everyone, especially his manager, to know that he’s a go-getter.

He prepared. He practiced. He did all the things.

But when he got up to speak, people were still chatting amongst themselves. He stood patiently waiting for them to pipe down, but in his head his self-talk went something like:

What am I even doing here, they clearly don’t care.

Great, now my manager knows I’m a loser.

Okay. It’s been a full minute, and now I REALLY don’t know how to start.

The truth is, your presentation starts well before your first few words. If you’ve ever run into this issue, watch my simple technique to get people’s attention.

And when you’re ready to start showing off that you’re a confident and effective leader, chances are you’ll need to shift focus on how you speak.

If you want a little perspective centered around who YOU are and where YOU want to go, let’s talk.

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Maryna Shkvorets

Public Speaking for Introverts

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