Help! I’m Too Quiet for My Workplace!

I wanted to share something with you. This is a tough problem a lot of us “quiet” people face, and I want to help put an end to it.

Do you ever attend meetings, where your louder and more dynamic colleagues are the ones everyone listens to. What’s worse, is that their ideas are kind of… mediocre, but everyone is excited by the first thing they hear.

Meanwhile YOU’RE the one who is taking the time to think things through on a deeper level, but you don’t get a chance to speak up. It kind of looks like you have no original ideas of your own, and you leave the meeting wishing that someone would just ASK YOU what you think?

I HATE THAT THIS HAPPENS to the quieter and deeper employee, meanwhile that loudmouth gets all the glory. (No offense, if you’re the loudmouth.)

I want YOU to start being heard. I want YOUR IDEAS to be valued and noticed. I want you start RISING in the ranks (and changing the culture from the inside.) I want you to leave work at the end of the day EXCITED by what you got to contribute.

Watch this Q and A, where I cover one idea of how to start speaking up and getting noticed.

If this is still not enough, it might be that you need some tools to start jumping in or you need to work on the strength and energy of your message and how you deliver it.

I can help you out with that through individual coaching on a case-by-case basis. Send me a message, and let’s talk about how to tackle this problem and start being excited to go to work again!

Talk soon,


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