Engaging Presentation With ZERO Overwhelm Workshop

Finally! The simplest, fastest, and most actionable way to create an engaging presentation for work that will have your audience nodding along with attention (instead of nodding off.) 

Still presenting like you did in high school?

Just blurting out information hoping it will stick. Hoping they will take action. 
I’m sure that over the years you’ve found ways to improve – add stories, add a call to action, etc. etc. with only marginal improvement. 
People still space out. People still don’t pay attention. People still don’t take action. 

And then you resolve that some people are meant to be engaging and some are not. 

So you spend hours and hours procrastinating or perfecting your presentation. Or you stop volunteering to present altogether. Stop being visible at work. Stop growing. 


What if you had a simple formula that works with your audience’s ATTENTION that’s as easy as fill-in-the-blanks. 

How would your life change if you made the choice to be more VISIBLE in your career? 

Imagine having to give a presentation, and actually getting excited about it. 

NOT procrastinating, wondering where to start.
NOT worrying if it’s good enough. 
NOT feeling like your presentation is just “meh.” 

Just a simple way to fully engage your audience. 

This is what this workshop is all about

You will learn:

  • The engagement formula – a simple, plug-and-play template for any presentation
  • How to capitalize on people’s attention spans
  • How to start with a BANG to get people excited and leaning in for the rest of the presentation
  • How to end with ON A HIGH NOTE so that everyone remembers you and does what you tell them to
  • How to be concise and to the point and not dilute your key points

This is not a vague collection of ideas that will give you even more overwhelm. It’s also not an “infomercial in disguise” where the good stuff comes later. This is an actionable template with clear instructions on how to use it. And it will work for ANY TYPE of presentation. 

Who this is for:

Any professional who wants to become more visible in their career by presenting at conferences, or in the workplace, or even in quick meetings to their team. 

If it takes you days to put together a presentation, if you feel like you lose your audience while presenting, if you feel overwhelmed by all the advice out there, if you’re great at what you do but you’re not sure how to put it into words – you might just need some structure. This is it. 

What else you need to know:

  • Date and time: July 28th – 8:00PM EST  (A link to the online workshop will be sent to your email.)
  • Have questions: write to me below
  • Come with a pen and paper ready to learn and take action
  • *** If this time does not work for you, but you’re interested in the event – let me know if the form below

About your coach:

Maryna Shkvorets is a public speaking coach specializing in helping ambitious professionals and entrepreneurs become more visible in their careers by overcoming stage fright and creating captivating talks.